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October 8, 2008

Kimberly’s Interview: Mirrors

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History of Mirrors: 

  • First mirrors early 6,000 BC
  • First made from polished stone or metal
  • Italians first to make mirrors with glass in combination with metal
  • Improvements continued throughout history

Purpose & Applications:

  • Reflect what can’t naturally be seen (can’t see ourselves): vanity
  • Art: self portraits
  • Literature: Alice Through the Looking Glass

Other, more advanced applications:

  • Lasers
  • Telescopes
  • Two Way mirrors (Police and Reality TV)
  • Driving (rear-view)
  • WWII: Acoustic Mirrors (primitive radar- detected enemy aircraft by reflecting sound)

Depending on construction, mirrors can reflect more than just visible light. Other uses:

  • Infrared light (therefore can be used for heating)
  • Sunlight/heat (village in valley that doesn’t get sun for 7 weeks in the summer uses a large mirror) 

Social/ Superstitious Implications of Mirrors (don’t worry, she doesn’t believe this):

  • Believed to reflect soul by showing truth (why fictional figures like vampires can’t be seen)
  • Breaking a mirror = breaking ones soul, therefore 7 years bad luck because 7 years needed to create new soul
  • Soul trapped in mirrors after death (why it is a tradition for some to cover mirrors after death of someone)
  • idea of reflecting truth

Project 2

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Beyond the Double Helix: A new perspective of DNA

Example of DNA sequence
Example of DNA sequence




Evolution of the Genome

Evolution in the Genome

 The Human Genome Project extends human vision beyond traditional genetics with its applications towards the understanding of what it means to be human. Through the discovery of the human DNA sequence, mankind achieved a new worldly perspective as a new means of expression evolved, transforming approaches to medicine and the theory of evolution while promoting compassion by expressing the idea of a global family from a genetic standpoint.

My Mind Map

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Like the human genome -- too small to see with the naked eye

Like the human genome -- too small to see with the naked eye

I didn’t know how to capture this image or save it in a way that the contents were visible. Sorry 😦

October 6, 2008


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Almost everyone has mind-mapped before, whether or not the process was defined as mind-mapping. Since elementary school, we have learned to diagram our ideas and concepts, based on importance, around a central idea or concept, often connecting ideas through multiple branches. Unlike other forms of brainstorming, mind-mapping allows for greater freedom and helps visualize the overall concept. Here is an example of a basic mind map followed by a more intricate one:


Basic Mind Map

Basic Mind Map


Detailed Mind Map

Detailed Mind Map

Up until now, mind-mapping was limited to pen and paper. Online, however, I found several different softwares and applications for electronic mind-mapping. 

This wikipedia article lists free and proprietary software:

I found these two free applications on the web:

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