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October 8, 2008

Kimberly’s Interview: Mirrors

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History of Mirrors: 

  • First mirrors early 6,000 BC
  • First made from polished stone or metal
  • Italians first to make mirrors with glass in combination with metal
  • Improvements continued throughout history

Purpose & Applications:

  • Reflect what can’t naturally be seen (can’t see ourselves): vanity
  • Art: self portraits
  • Literature: Alice Through the Looking Glass

Other, more advanced applications:

  • Lasers
  • Telescopes
  • Two Way mirrors (Police and Reality TV)
  • Driving (rear-view)
  • WWII: Acoustic Mirrors (primitive radar- detected enemy aircraft by reflecting sound)

Depending on construction, mirrors can reflect more than just visible light. Other uses:

  • Infrared light (therefore can be used for heating)
  • Sunlight/heat (village in valley that doesn’t get sun for 7 weeks in the summer uses a large mirror) 

Social/ Superstitious Implications of Mirrors (don’t worry, she doesn’t believe this):

  • Believed to reflect soul by showing truth (why fictional figures like vampires can’t be seen)
  • Breaking a mirror = breaking ones soul, therefore 7 years bad luck because 7 years needed to create new soul
  • Soul trapped in mirrors after death (why it is a tradition for some to cover mirrors after death of someone)
  • idea of reflecting truth

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