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November 7, 2008

“Bootiful”-Project 3

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Beauty is skin deep—or so they say. Rather, as this photograph by John Rankin suggests, superficiality and artificial alterations define the modern sense of beauty. Entitled “Bootiful,” the image represents the fallacy of perfection that society faces daily, not only a signature characteristic of magazines but now entering the realm of school photographs as well. In the visual portrayal of the harsh criticism of the boy’s facial qualities, the image highlights such imperfections in a way that demonstrates the ridiculous nature of the process. The comparison of the before and after photographs calls the viewers attention to the false impression of perfection and beauty as seen on the right. In essence, the touched-up photograph falls short to the magnitude of the message of the photograph on the left, crucial to the viewers understanding. The idea of removing all blemishes to create beauty creates standards impossible to surpass, or even meet, in an individual’s daily life, which as an extension impedes the ability of an individual, particularly in adolescence, an age captured by the subject of the image, to feel beautiful and therefore confident. Through this, the artist ultimately inspires the viewer to crush the false standard of beauty and perfection.



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